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Following are the some of the Advantages of Opt-in Form :-

  • Easy to Setup and use.
  • It Can Generate more email subscribers.
  • It’s beautiful on every screen size (try resizing your browser!)
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Is Your Password Safe in Browser? Check Your Privacy

Password is a sentence or phrase or combination of words and numbers.Many sites suggest you about using alphanumeric characters in your password and making it most complex for prevention from any hacks or scams.Today every site in which you enter your details provide you a password so that no one else can access and modify your details until and unless he/she know your password.But what if some unknown user get your password even if you have taken all measures to keep your password private?

Hacking is common now days and many professionals are working day and night to make the web safe and private.But, the common user who uses net with basic knowledge remains under risk all the time.You may be 100% sure that you are safe on net but actually you are not dear, here is a good example--- Facebook is the most used social network and its having the most qualified staff at work yet many users lost their account,their accounts get hacked and they can do nothing after that.Friends there are few things that we have to be alert of while using the web .Antivirus software add firewall to your system but these firewall will not prevent you all the time and in all ways!

Lets take an example of your Bank Account Password.Internet Banking is very popular in most of the countries and this has made the life of the people much easy but what if all your money got lost and you have left with nothing.Shocked ? but yes it`s possible in someway and depends on you.

Here I am discussing about the fact that how your password can be used by someone very easily.Many new browsers like Chrome,Firefox give you an option of “Remember Password”.No doubt if you are on your personal computer/Laptop you click on Remember Password without thinking a second what you are doing.This is really a good way to prevent yourself from remembering password of each account on internet.But dear, you have just entered into a rattrap now.Confused?
No body knows where firefox,chrome actually saves the password and whether they can read the saved password! Here I have given an example of Chrome Browser which is used by most of the internet users today.Follow the below steps and this will definitely give you a shock about your privacy and how much your passwords are safe.When I did it for the first time i got a mild attack about how much insecure my passwords were.
How To See Your Saved Passwords
  1. Click on the wrench on the right upper side of the chrome browser
  2. Click on the Option
  3. Select Personal Stuff
  4. Click on Manage Password
  5. After that you will get the list of all the password that are saved in your chrome along with the doted password
  6. As you move your cursor on the password you will see a option “Show” and this is how your password is seen.
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Take the help of images if facing any problem in exploring your passwords.
Now you would be thinking that it`s not a big problem as no one else is going to use your laptop/PC.But what if anyone use your laptop just to check his inbox and take all your password along with that? My friend bet me that i can not tell his facebook password but i did the same and he was having no words to say after that.
How To Protect Your Passwords?
Next question may come into your mind about how to just get rid of this problem and it`s very easy .
  1. In the Personal Stuff Option , click on Never Save Passwords.
  2. For clearing your saved passwords click on the Under The Hood option
  3. After that click on clear browsing data and after that check saved passwords option and click on click
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Try Google Gravity Effect Prank And Add in Website/Blog

Google is knows for innovative things and this new prank of Google is really amazing.This prank is created by the Mr Doob.Do you remember "easter egg", made by Google before like snow, tild,do a barrel roll etc. Similarly, Google Gravity is really fun to use.Try it now and give your reviews.
Here is a Live Demo

How to See it Into Effect

There are two ways :

1.Using Google I`m Feeling:

  1. Visit the Google.com
  2. After that search for the term "Google Gravity"
  3. Click on the first term you see after getting the search results

2.Using the Direct Link:

If you want to see it working you have to visit the this link.
As soon as you enter into the window you will see the search window contents going down.But don`t worry about the searches.Just type what you are searching for and after that search for the "Google Search" and press it.

How to add it in Website

How about adding this effect in your website.Yes, you can do that even very easily.
Add this trick in before </Head> head tag.
<script src="https://rafiblog.googlecode.com/svn/Gravity.js"></script>
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Pre Order Chetan Bhagat New Novel "What Young India Wants" @ 48 Via HS18

HomeShop18 is giving the newly launched novel "What Young India Wants"by Chetan Bhagat in a very minimal price of rupees 48.Chetan Bhagat is the renowned novelist from India is known for it`s art of writing."What Young India Wants" is going to release on 6 August.So you can pre order it from HomeShop18.

How To Pre-Order Novel
  1. Click Here to visit the page.
  2. Add the novel in your cart.
  3. Login /Register the site.
  4. Use the Coupon Code get the discount of Rs. 50 on the book of Rs.98.GCDFYNFZ15CN
  5. Pay the remaining payment i.e equal to Rs. 48
You can even pay by Cash On Delivery.
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Add Colourful Popular Post Widget in Your Blog Latest Widget

Are you searching for a new colorful popular widget for the blogger!This article will surely add a new and colored popular post.The widget blogger provides with itself is not an advanced as this new poplar post widget is.Poplar post widget has many options to show the post of the recent popularity.You can choose 7 days most visited post grouping,monthly most visited grouping and all time most visited grouping.
By default there are two options in the Popular Post widget -
  1. Show Snippet-This feature show few lines of the post along with the title of the post.This should be enabled in case you have enabled the next options also otherwise it does not look good.
  2. Show Thumbnail-Thumbnail is the small/miniature image that is present inside the post.This is also another SEO tool as it increases the HTML Vs. Text ratio. 

This new popular post widget uses some CSS and the code of the popular widget is changed .I  implemented it here in the sidebar and you can see the demo  on the right hand side.When you completely implement it ,you can see the widget in the page elements in the Design as your old popular widget but actually it will be a old widget with new looks.Confused? Don`t worry
If I am not wrong this is a widget of the wordpress.But in wordpress this widget also show the number of the visits to that post.But in the blogger you do not enjoy that feature.Earlier I posted about a Follow By Email widget for blogger just like wordpress.Many new templates are implementing this new popular post widget.Even I have seen this widget on some famous sites.
Why To Choose This Widget?
  • This new post widget will definitely attract the visitors due to its color combination.It`s eye catching power is a main reason to use it.
  • It gives your site/blog a more professional look.I was really fed up with the old boring style of popular post.Many bloggers have implemented the same and no one click on that due to fade look
  • Easy To Use as you don`t need to look HTML code each time.You can easily change the settings from the page elements.
How to Implement This New Colourful Popular Post Widget
Bloggers can easily implement them by little knowledge about the HTML.Don`t worry I am here to help you.Here are the steps just follow each step.
Before you start adding the new widget , add the old Popular Widget That Blogger provide you.
  1. Click on Add Gadget
  2. Search of Popular Post Widget  and add that.
  3. Choose the number of Post to 7 (you can show even less than but don`t add more than 7)
  4. Click on Save Option
Now Follow The Below Steps To Add The New Widget:-

  1. Open Your Blogger Dashboard ,Select your blog.
  2. Click on template> Edit HTML > Proceed >Select Expand Widget template
  3. After that search for the </Head>
  4. Add the below code before </head> tag.

    <link href='http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50753886/updateviaz/Popularpost.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

  5. After that search for <b:widget id=’PopularPost 
  6. Select the whole content between   <b:widget id=’PopularPost   and </b:widget> (make sure you don`t add any other widget with it)
  7. Change it with the below code.
    <b:widget id='PopularPosts3' locked='false' title='' type='PopularPosts'>
    <b:includable id='main'>                      
                                         <div id='sidebartitlewrapper'>
                                             <b:if cond='data:title'><h3><span><data:title/></span></h3></b:if>                                      
                                         <div class='sectioncont'>
                                             <ul class='mostpopular'>
                                                 <script type='text/javascript'>
                                                     var i=0;
                                                 <b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'>
                                                     <script type='text/javascript'>
                                                             document.write ('<li class="mostpopular_li color'+i+'">');
                                                             var i= i +1;
                                                      <a class='barlinko' expr:href='data:post.href'><data:post.title/><data:post.id/></a>
                                                     <span style='display: inline-block;width:100%;'>
                                                         <span style='float: left;font-size:10px;color:#f5f5f5;'> </span>                                                      
                                                         <span class='cb'/>
                                                     <script type='text/javascript'>
                                                              document.write ('</li>');
                                         <b:include name='quickedit'/>

Press Save and Enjoy The New look of Popular Post widget. Now you have to just change the settings from the Layout> Popular Post Widget
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Get a Free Invitation for Zurker -Best Way

Zurker is a new social networking site that has been made by an Indian Web Developer.Zurker is not providing a Sign Up without invitation.So many users are seeking a way to enter into this new era of Social site.At present this site is having around 17k users .Though new but fast growing social networking site Zurker is setting many new goals in web industry.

Why To Join Zurker ?
The first question that come into your mind is why to join this new tiny site when there is a big monster facebook around us.The answer is little weak but according to me Zurker is more defined and apt.Today you create 100 facebook accounts,some time your account gets hacked,Many users use abusive language and other things that make facebook little insecure place today.But it does not mean that facebook is nothing .It is the fast growing network in whole world.Zurker is only made for Indians and the creator is young as of the facebook.
The best thing about the Zurker right now is that it`s making you the owner if you bring the referrals to the site.It`s giving you the vShare according to which you get share for each friend who sign up on your invitation.For the first i day you get 2 vShare for each referral and after that it will lower to 1 vShare/referral.Don`t worry you can see your name in list after referring only 5 friends like my name in the list.

Stats of The Site
The alexa rank of Zurker for today is 155k and 20k in India so it`s not too bad at initial stage.The developer has provided a graph showing the growing trend of the site which is really appreciating.See the stats below showing the number of users from different places.It`s open for everyone now but the site is having .in extension.
Bad side of Zurker-
Though,Zurker is very fast and easy to use but it`s not having that much graphics and designing initially like facebook,Google plus etc.
The Photo Uploader and Home page is not yet super cool like facebook.But with time it will develop as the facebook has develop.

Get Invitation For Zurker:-

So are you interested in becoming a part of Zurker.Just give it a try and use it for day or two and feel the changes you feel after going back to facebook or other network.I would love to hear your views.

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Get Upto 16 GB Free DropBox Space

DropBox is a free hosting provider where you can store your pictures,songs or can use it in million ways as you wish. Dropbox initially give you 1 Gb/2 Gb data but many users are in need of more space so they make the new account and implement many tricks to get more space.
{Review} Using DropBox :-
DropBox Share Blogger
Once I used DropBox, i just forget all other space providers like Google cloud ,etc as it`s the best and fast way that take few seconds to upload your content.As the name suggests it makes an online Secure box for your data that is safe and sound.No need of worrying about the virus infections,data loss problems.I have uploaded many pictures,scripts,CSS codes and many other things on DropBox.you can even check a previous post on how to upload CSS files for free on dropbox.
How it Works:-
DropBox actually creates a folder in your computer(But it don`t use your computer space) where it show you your DropBox content.You just have drag and drop your content into that folder and it will automatically be updated on your online space.And another good thing about is that optimisation of your data is very easy.For ex. I have a .txt file in my DropBox folder and i want to edit it.Then I will just move to that folder and open that file and then will edit and save it.DropBox will automatically update that file at online place.
It also provides you public link for each file so that you can share that file with the friends,colleagues etc.
How To Get Extra Space.
Recently i got a mail from dropbox customer care with subject “Get upto 16 GB space”.So here i am giving you that trick of getting upto that much space.This trick is very easy and best way to increase your space.You just have to invite your friends and for each referral you will get 500 MB free space and this is valid even for those users you have already have a dropbox account.So don`t worry you have to find users you have not made DropBox account yet.Here is that link I got.Use this link or check your email if you have received any offer like this.
Ways To Refer
At present DropBox is providing you three ways i.e. are
  1. Entering Email Address and Password
  2. Entering Email of each Friend
  3. Sharing Link For facebook or twitter 
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5 Things That Ban Your Adsense Account !

Is your Account Got Blocked and You don`t know the reason.Wanna protect your account before you loss it?Adsense another name of Google ads firm.Adsense is a Google official advertisement company that give space to both advertisers and publishers.Adsense is the most known advertisement company in the world and most of the big corporate industries prefer adsense than any other advertising company.
If you love to show yourself in Google then read my previous post on –“How to show yourself in Searches

In short adsense acts as an interface between publisher and advertisers.Most of the bloggers prefer this company to show ads on their blogs.One major reason behind that is the high CPC(cost per click).CPC or Cost Per Click is actually the money or the revenue that a publisher gets when any visitor click in his/her blog.CPC rate of the Google is high due to which a publisher paid more by adsense than any other company.Users using the BlogSpot.com to for hosting their blogs can more easily Sign Up for adsense than wordpress or other services.

Every day around 1 thousand adsense users lost their adsense accounts and their all money if less than 100$ go along with account and publisher get nothing accept disappointment.This article is specially for those publishers whose adsense accounts have been banned or at the verge of getting banned.There are many reasons for block of adsense account but here I am listing a few important of them.
Reasons That  Ban/Block Your Account
  1. Clicking Own Ads-
    Many newbie publishers and bloggers get so much excited after getting acceptance of Adsense accounts that they don`t even read the Terms and Conditions that are mentioned by Adsense before completing the process of Sign Up.They are new in the world of blogging and due to less traffic they don`t get clicks.They click the ads using others computer or browser and think Google won`t know about it.
  2. High CTR rates:
    If you have just started using Adsense you must be wondering what is CTR rates .CTR,Click Through Rates which tells the frequency of clicks on their ads with respect to number of visits on your site. E.g. when you get 100 visits or ad impression and a single click then you CTR % will be 1%.Due to lack of handsome traffic initially ad impressions are less and when someone click on your ads then the CTR is high which results in block of account.
    You must not show ads as soon as you create a new blog.Give some time for good traffic and then show ads at appropriate place in site that your CTR remain low.Most preferred CTR is less than 1%.If you have more than 3 or 4 then remove your ads quickly otherwise you will loss your A/c.
    Yesterday my friend`s adsense account got banned because some idiot person made 200 clicks in an hour and the page impressions were only 300 only (for that day).His account got banned and his money which he was going to receive on 1st of next month also gone with the account.Google don`t know who is doing that and this resulted in his loss.
  3. Improper Ads Customization And Placement:-
    Adsense now allows you to customize your ads according to your site colors,fonts and looks.But that does not mean that you can get more clicks by changing the color and Adsense won`t ban your account.If you use such tricks to make a ad more like text in your blog then, you are just going to loss your account soon.Better show ads properly.
  4. Showing More Than 3 Ads:
    Adsense does not allow you to show more than three ads including text,image and links.You never require more than three ads if you place each ad at a appropriate position.
  5. Showing Sexually Explicit Content With Ads:-
    Google adsense does not show ads on each blog.It is one of the terms of Adsense that “If you show ads on a sexually explicit ” content then your account will be blocked.
There are many other reasons too as everyone can not understand the exact Google Adsense algorithm to ban an account.I prefer you to read this article and other articles to keep up your knowledge.Once you loss your account you will perhaps never get it.We are helping Google Adsense by doing silly things and giving the earned revenue to the adsense.You can even use Analytics to analyze your account..If you have any other reason in your mind then please comment here and tell me!
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